Extraworld’s Small MOQ customized gift Case

Dear Friends, Today we introduce you one gift case we do in China. This month is C&D hotel Quanzhou ‘s 16 year anniversary time. Extraworld is this anniversary’s gift supplier. We do two designs for them, one is tea cup, we design Erythrina variegata flower and add hotel logo on cup. With gift box, this becomes a nice gift. Second design is the following Magnet, this comes from our Quanzhou’s magnet design, the left is our design, the right is C&D hotel’s , you can see our designer draw hotel’s cartoon image,  new design become integrated with our original’s. Extraworld can […]

Thank-you letters from our customers

Recently, we have received many Thank-you letters from our customers. After learning of the outbreak of Coronavirus in Europe, We raised masks sent to customers all over the world by free , relieved their urgent needs.   Quanzhou Extraworld IMP & EXP CO. is a company focusing on Crafts and Souvenirs. We have customers are from USA, Canada, Europe, ex Italy, Germany, Hungary, Spain Denmark and so on. Also are from South America, like Peru. Outbreak of Coronavirus, we feel the same as our customers. We have been suffering the terrible Coronavirus before this. So we immediately emailed customers to […]

We are fighting Coronavirus together with our customers

With all our distinguish friends ’s help, We Extraword team come this far. We’ve been suffering terrible coronavirus during last two monthes.The virus is ruthless ,but our friend are very friendly and help a lot to reliveve our pressure : Now the situation is much better in China, but our friends all over the world is suffering the difficulty instead .We are worrying about them and we eager to help back. We sharing our usefull experience on fighting virus to all our customers: And we also offer some free masks to them . hope all of us will win the […]

The virus is merciless, but the world is full of love

I believe you all know that before spring festival, the Chinese people face the new coronavirus. During this epidemic, our medical people shine, are heroes at frontline. We also can see the shine of countless ordinary people. Extraworld team is in one of them!  This is Extraworld Sending love meals to frontline anti-epidemic workers. We are not on the frontline, but it is good that we can also do something to protecting our home. We help each other in same boat. Final conquest is not remote. Wuhan go, go, go! Our nation go, go, go! This is Extraworld Transmit […]

Different popular souvenir crafts in Europe

Do you like traveling? Would you bring a gift to your family and friends while you traveling? Here, let us introduce you for Europe’s souvenir crafts with local characteristics. Germany: Ceramic Beer mug This is the most popular souvenir in Germany, especially before and after the German beer festival, usually made of ceramic, porcelain, tin, or even glass    .         Titisee: Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks It is said that due to the long winter in the Black Forest, farmers have made it from wood. Strolling along the lake,enjoying the breeze,and listening to the birds singing. This […]

Our visit to the QingYuan Mountain

The QingYuan mountain is one of the most famous mountains in Quanzhou,fujian,China.Every year thousands of Chinese and foreigners pay a visit there . Last weekend,our colleague visited to the QingYuan Mountain.It’s not far from our company.You can go there by car or by bicycle,while you are climbing the mountain,wondrous pines and unique rocks around you.In the early morning when the sun rises ,the sky looks very beautiful . There are a lot of local food.When you climb tired,you can sit down and enjoy the food,you can see the scenery.You can also play with your friend,with the wind slowly. It’s really a nice place […]

2018 Extraworld sales team first party

2018 is coming ! Last weekend ,our sales team went to have “huoguo–Hot Pot” together, we talk together about the family, the friends,the new expect in 2018! Here we also hope all of our customer be healthy,be wealthy in 2018,Extraworld will continue try our best to offer customer good design, improve our service,and focus on making the life better!