Thank-you letters from our customers

Recently, we have received many Thank-you letters from our customers. After learning of the outbreak of Coronavirus in Europe, We raised masks sent to customers all over the world by free , relieved their urgent needs.

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Quanzhou Extraworld IMP & EXP CO. is a company focusing on Crafts and Souvenirs. We have customers are from USA, Canada, Europe, ex Italy, Germany, Hungary, Spain Denmark and so on. Also are from South America, like Peru. Outbreak of Coronavirus, we feel the same as our customers. We have been suffering the terrible Coronavirus before this. So we immediately emailed customers to ask if they need the masks and other epidemic prevention support. Our customers responded quickly and thanked us for our concern.

At present, the masks have all arrived. They wrote to express gratitude to us. Tell us that they also donated the masks they received to those who were in need. It is a transmission o love.

Because of this,now we resources for epidemic prevention. Such as, disposable mask, KN95 , glove, protective suit and so on. If you also need, please kindly contact us for an inquiry.

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