Why the Customers Choose Extraworld Against Other Suppliers

When you first find Extraworld, you may have doubt: Is this company trustworthy? Will Extraworld cooperate with me good? Do they do correct product to match sample? Today I will show you two of our customer’s feedback examples. After read the two cases,you will be more familiar with us. Customer feedback 1: This feedback from customer shows that our novelty mug is their top seller, so he has a strong demand on creating more similar mugs for fall season. This powerful guide gives us crucial insights into every part of our company. We believe the most important thing for us […]

Funny mug as a gift for your friends…

Enchant your morning with coffee or tea in this amazing hot dog mug! This ceramic mug features a vivid hot dog design and color finishing. Wanna take a bite. Enjoy adding this amazing hot dog to your mug collection or giving one as a gift to a friend! Extraworld is professional in making OEM 3D molded mug! Contact us now for more details information …….

Funny Christmas Spirit Gnomes Mug

It is still enough time to preparing for 2021’ Christmas season now. . Wake up with a cup of coffee in this funny Christmas sprit gnomes mug. Hand painted and made from ceramic. You can also use our gnomes doll to decorate your house. Extraworld is professional in making OEM 3D moulded mug! Extraworld sales team

Thank-you letters from our customers

Recently, we have received many Thank-you letters from our customers. After learning of the outbreak of Coronavirus in Europe, We raised masks sent to customers all over the world by free , relieved their urgent needs.   Quanzhou Extraworld IMP & EXP CO. is a company focusing on Crafts and Souvenirs. We have customers are from USA, Canada, Europe, ex Italy, Germany, Hungary, Spain Denmark and so on. Also are from South America, like Peru. Outbreak of Coronavirus, we feel the same as our customers. We have been suffering the terrible Coronavirus before this. So we immediately emailed customers to […]

We are fighting Coronavirus together with our customers

With all our distinguish friends ’s help, We Extraword team come this far. We’ve been suffering terrible coronavirus during last two monthes.The virus is ruthless ,but our friend are very friendly and help a lot to reliveve our pressure : Now the situation is much better in China, but our friends all over the world is suffering the difficulty instead .We are worrying about them and we eager to help back. We sharing our usefull experience on fighting virus to all our customers: And we also offer some free masks to them . hope all of us will win the […]