Thank-you letters from our customers

Recently, we have received many Thank-you letters from our customers. After learning of the outbreak of Coronavirus in Europe, We raised masks sent to customers all over the world by free , relieved their urgent needs.   Quanzhou Extraworld IMP & EXP CO. is a company focusing on Crafts and Souvenirs. We have customers are from USA, Canada, Europe, ex Italy, Germany, Hungary, Spain Denmark and so on. Also are from South America, like Peru. Outbreak of Coronavirus, we feel the same as our customers. We have been suffering the terrible Coronavirus before this. So we immediately emailed customers to […]

We are fighting Coronavirus together with our customers

With all our distinguish friends ’s help, We Extraword team come this far. We’ve been suffering terrible coronavirus during last two monthes.The virus is ruthless ,but our friend are very friendly and help a lot to reliveve our pressure : Now the situation is much better in China, but our friends all over the world is suffering the difficulty instead .We are worrying about them and we eager to help back. We sharing our usefull experience on fighting virus to all our customers: And we also offer some free masks to them . hope all of us will win the […]

A funny MDF magnet with Moving

We all know magnet is always a Winner in souvenir selling! But…do tourists only want a magnet? Maybe tourists want a gift that can let her remember the days… So come and join us, with our designer, we can together make the magnets funny, watch following video. Welcome to contact with us! Extraworld Sales Team 0086-595-22383612

The virus is merciless, but the world is full of love

I believe you all know that before spring festival, the Chinese people face the new coronavirus. During this epidemic, our medical people shine, are heroes at frontline. We also can see the shine of countless ordinary people. Extraworld team is in one of them!  This is Extraworld Sending love meals to frontline anti-epidemic workers. We are not on the frontline, but it is good that we can also do something to protecting our home. We help each other in same boat. Final conquest is not remote. Wuhan go, go, go! Our nation go, go, go! This is Extraworld Transmit […]

Mid-Autumn Festival

Falling on the 15th day of the 8th month according to the Chinese lunar calendar, the Mid-Autumn Festival is the second grandest festival in China after the Chinese New Year. The day is also known as the Moon Festival, as at that time of the year the moon is at its roundest and brightest. The holiday like Christmas,family reunion and enjoy food.Happy Mid-Autumn Festival.

How to make the soft PVC magnet?

This time we introduce you the soft PVC magnet.Are you curious about its production process? Welcome to watch the following video. We also can create unique design for you. Extraworld sales team 86-595-22383612