Thanks for Matej Zinc Alloy Magnet order

Thanks for Matej’s Zinc Alloy Magnet order ,we know each other on early June 2018,at that time he was looking for the suitable gift for his skiing park. At first he want us do printing 3D magnet, later after he give us the artwork, we discuss and suggest him that it maybe good if we do in zinc alloy magnet, finally we do 4 colours for him,  bronze, Gold, Dark siliver and bright silver. The product is with nice finish and very 3D   The price of this item depends on the weight, of course if you make it more 3D […]


Extraworld 3D Printed Machine For Souvenir Magnet

Are you still worried the bad painting on magnet? Or no workers , can not ship on time? Our Resin 3D printing machine help you solve all the problems. Our printing machine can use in Resin and Ceramic magnet, also if you have your own design,that is the best, if not , do not worry, our designer team can help you do the unique designs. Welcome to contact with us for more information!


Thanks for Lili 1440 Resin Souvenir Magnet order

Thanks for our customer Lili give us this chance share her buying experience with Extraworld. We know each other from End June, at that time she was looking for the resin magnet, we did following sample for her During the communication we understand that Lili want to have more style magnet to sell, so we design two colours building for her day time and evening,Lili like this idea very much! Lili said :”Extraworld always tried their best to reach my requirements for my products, and I am satisfied with their services. In addition, the final products have reached my expectations. Not bad, will come back […]


Different popular souvenir crafts in Europe

Do you like traveling? Would you bring a gift to your family and friends while you traveling? Here, let us introduce you for Europe’s souvenir crafts with local characteristics. Germany: Ceramic Beer mug This is the most popular souvenir in Germany, especially before and after the German beer festival, usually made of ceramic, porcelain, tin, or even glass    .         Titisee: Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks It is said that due to the long winter in the Black Forest, farmers have made it from wood. Strolling along the lake,enjoying the breeze,and listening to the birds singing. This […]


the activity of the baking cookies

On a hot June day, our colleague took part in the activity of the baking cookies. Entered the baking room, we saw all kinds of tools and ingredients. Everyone is enthusiastic. First of all, we washed hand and wore apron. Next, teacher started teaching. After studying, we couldn’t wait to make cookies. Mix the butter and sugar – stir in flour – make shape – put in the oven. Fifteen minutes later, goluptious cookies baked. We took pictures while eating cookies. We also took some cookies to our family. Pay a labor to get the fruit is the most sweet. […]


Extraworld exhibition memory from 2016-2018

My Dear Friends,time pass so quickly,from 2012-2018 Extraworld Exhibition meets you in Canton,Hongkong,India,Italy,UK,France and Germany. We did a small video of Extraworld Exhibition in last three years to recall the memory.Maybe you are in the video:) We cherish every meeting time with you.See you soon in October ^-^


Our visit to the QingYuan Mountain

The QingYuan mountain is one of the most famous mountains in Quanzhou,fujian,China.Every year thousands of Chinese and foreigners pay a visit there . Last weekend,our colleague visited to the QingYuan Mountain.It’s not far from our company.You can go there by car or by bicycle,while you are climbing the mountain,wondrous pines and unique rocks around you.In the early morning when the sun rises ,the sky looks very beautiful . There are a lot of local food.When you climb tired,you can sit down and enjoy the food,you can see the scenery.You can also play with your friend,with the wind slowly. It’s really a nice place […]


April Fairs Invitation From Extraworld

HONGKONG FAIRS INVITATION FROM EXTRAWORLD  2018 We sincerely invite you visit our booth in April ,we will attend two fairs 1)  Hongkong Houseware Fair(April 20-23) Booth: 1B-D41   for Tableware ceramic 2)  Hongkong Gifts & Premium Fair 2018(April 27-30 ) Booth: 3F-C09    for Souvenir Booth: 1A-B10    for Ceramic Mug Add: 1EXPO Drive, Wanchai, Hongkong Open time:20-23,April 2018 at 9:00am-18:00pm 27-30,April 2018 at 9:00am-18:00pm Welcome!