MDF magnet

A funny MDF magnet with Moving

We all know magnet is always a Winner in souvenir selling! But…do tourists only want a magnet? Maybe tourists want a gift that can let her remember the days… So come and join us, with our designer, we can together make the magnets funny, watch following video. Welcome to contact with us! Extraworld Sales Team 0086-595-22383612


How to make the soft PVC magnet?

This time we introduce you the soft PVC magnet.Are you curious about its production process? Welcome to watch the following video. We also can create unique design for you. Extraworld sales team 86-595-22383612


Extraworld 3D Printed Machine For Souvenir Magnet

Are you still worried the bad painting on magnet? Or no workers , can not ship on time? Our Resin 3D printing machine help you solve all the problems. Our printing machine can use in Resin and Ceramic magnet, also if you have your own design,that is the best, if not , do not worry, our designer team can help you do the unique designs. Welcome to contact with us for more information!


the activity of the baking cookies

On a hot June day, our colleague took part in the activity of the baking cookies. Entered the baking room, we saw all kinds of tools and ingredients. Everyone is enthusiastic. First of all, we washed hand and wore apron. Next, teacher started teaching. After studying, we couldn’t wait to make cookies. Mix the butter and sugar – stir in flour – make shape – put in the oven. Fifteen minutes later, goluptious cookies baked. We took pictures while eating cookies. We also took some cookies to our family. Pay a labor to get the fruit is the most sweet. […]


Extraworld exhibition memory from 2016-2018

My Dear Friends,time pass so quickly,from 2012-2018 Extraworld Exhibition meets you in Canton,Hongkong,India,Italy,UK,France and Germany. We did a small video of Extraworld Exhibition in last three years to recall the memory.Maybe you are in the video:) We cherish every meeting time with you.See you soon in October ^-^


Ceramic Product Workshop Process

  Sample making we need sculpture the design, it will takes about 7-10 days, depends on the complex of the design,then after customer confirm the sculpture,we need 5-7 days to finish the sample.15-20 days. Mass production 1.first step, we will use the main mould do the plaster mould, each plaster can only do 30-50 products,so for example 1000pcs,we need do 20-30 mould,it takes 15-20daays making and drying the mould. 2.Second step,worker will pour the liquid clay into plaster mould,use sponge hand clean the clays finishings,then fire the clays 1080 degree in kiln,doing clays takes about 15-20 days also. 3.Third step,workers […]