A terracotta souvenir shop in Salento, Italy

I travelled Europe several times, always get lost in these historic small town, they all looks beautiful, small stone country road, many nice church,different colour of the houses… I love spend the whole afternoon, lazy lie down to enjoy a cup of coffee, sometimes I go to in search of a souvenir, a magnet or cup for friends, sometimes buy a small souvenir  for friends, it is also  for saving our memory. Most of time, I just window shopping, for most of the gifts are similar. One time in this small souvenir shop in Italy I see something different.This shop from […]

Your favourite travel souvenirs

A recent blog post here at Man vs World sparked a bit of lively banter about what kind of souvenirs travelers pick up on their travels. For me the only proper souvenir I have from nearly five years of travel is an evil eye from Turkey – besides hundreds of photos, travel stories and new mates, of course. So I put on Twitter and on the comments section of that blog post what souvenirs you had picked up on your travels and what was your favorite. These were my favorite responses: @Kaily:”My souvenirs are key chains, Universal Studios globe, London phone […]