Ceramic Product Workshop Process


  • Sample making

  • we need sculpture the design, it will takes about 7-10 days, depends on the complex of the design,then after customer confirm the sculpture,we need 5-7 days to finish the sample.15-20 days.

  • Mass production

  • 1.first step, we will use the main mould do the plaster mould, each plaster can only do 30-50 products,so for example 1000pcs,we need do 20-30 mould,it takes 15-20daays making and drying the mould.

  • 2.Second step,worker will pour the liquid clay into plaster mould,use sponge hand clean the clays finishings,then fire the clays 1080 degree in kiln,doing clays takes about 15-20 days also.

  • 3.Third step,workers hand painting all clays, after it dry,doing glazing,then fire in kiln again,normally if the order quantity is 1000-3000pcs, only 1-2 workers hand painting it,because for quality guarantee,workers need paint about several handred clay,the become familar with the product,so if too many workers doing this important step,some maybe paint not good,this step will take about 15-20days also.

  • 4.Fourth step,if the product need decal,we need stick decal,after it dry ,put all products in kiln fire 780 degree,this step will takes about one week,depends on the quantity.

  • 5.Last step,Packaging,inspection each product by hand,destroy all bad goods,then do packing as customer’s instruction.it takes about one week also

  • So in general ceramic products need fire in kiln high temperature 2-3 times,all clay making, painting,decal sticking are by hand made, it will totally takes about 70-90 days.


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